Watch Slay Queen that never feared the cameras. All she wanted was her money

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These days it seems as there's no privacy anymore whereby they are things that are shared online that shouldn't be shared at all. But social media is social media there's nothing can do about it.

There has been this trending video on social media whereby and alleged slay Queen can be seen wearing nothing at all refusing DSL a Chinese man to live as he claims that she wanted her money from him.

I can't really be sure what happened between them, but as you can hear on the video she alleges that the two were allegedly engage in an an agreement between them but the Chinese man is failing to fulfill the promise to this young lady.

According to Celebsnow media publication, recently there has been media platforms who are full of videos of the so-called V-class ladies. Apparently they are given that name due to what happened few days ago whereby a slay Queen was forcefully taken out off the model of that car.

Now apparently there's a video of a Chinese man fighting with a black woman on what looks like it's a hotel room where buy she's demanding money from a Chinese man for the services that she has rendered, not sure what kind of services but on the video according to it she is demanding and money from the Chinese man.

If you want to listen to what the lady is saying on the video you can just click on the source link below on the blue button, the link will redirect you straight to the video where by you can see as the fight is going on between the Chinese man and this black African lady.

According to your opinions, on the comment section sure what do you think really happened between the two of them. But firstly click on the link to go and listen and watch the video and come back with your thoughts and comments.

Source link: Celebsnow

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