Opinion:The Curse That Costs Raila's Presidency


Opinion:The Curse That Costs Raila's Presidency.

In 1992,Jaramogi was chairing Ford-Kenya delegate conference at City Stadium Nairobi.Raila Odinga arrived at the venue with a group of rowdy youth.The hired goons started heckling his father almost putting everything to a stand still.Jaramogi was irritated and the old man said, "Amolo, shut up and tell those youths to go away."

Unfortunately Raila insisted to be heard.Jaramogi said to Raila Odinga;

"Amolo it's good that you have found it worth to disrupt this conference.Remember,I started this struggle since independence way before you were even born."

The Curse now came.Jaramogi continued,"I have fought Kenyatta and Moi but never succeeded.I am still struggling now to be the president of Kenya up to now.I want to tell you this,if your intention is to sink me down for a take over,you will also struggle until your sunset days trying to be the president,and you will never be."

Raila has since failed 4 times: 1997, 2007,2013 and 2017.He will definitely lose in 2022 and if he again contests in 2027,he will lose. At his current age of 76 yrs,he will still be in the ballot until he dies,just like his patriarch. He is wrestling against the curse of Jaramogi on that day he stormed the meeting.

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