I Was Gay For 20years And Nearly Got Married With My Gay Partner But I Met Jesus-Aaron Adjetey

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Aaron Adjetey, a Ghanaian young man who was in the lesbian gay transgender Queer (LGBTQ? community has come out as a pastor to peach and advice people to stop being gay or lesbian.

The young man in an interview, said that he became gay when he was nine years of age and was having affair with men to the extent that he nearly got marriage to his gay partner but he later met Jesus Christ in the year 2018 and became a follower of Christ.

Aaron Adjetey in the video added that, no one was born gay or lesbian but some people follow the flesh desire and that leads to gaysm. When you talk about genes in the human body, you will notice that there nothing like gay genes. When you read Galatians, you will understand how lust works in human body.

Aaron Adjetey concluded by saying, Some people are saying being LGBTQIA is natural and you cannot put a stop to it when you are practicing but that's not true.

Watch full video as he tell his sad story


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