“One of the best things I ever did for my self esteem and growth was to leave Metro FM,” says Pearl

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South African starlet, Pearl Thusi, has said she one of the best things she ever did for herself esteem and growth was to leave metro fm.  The star even described it as ‘one of the decisions she’s proudest of’.  This comes after it was reported that Metro FM have suspended one of their hosts, Dineo Ranaka after she allegedly participated in the viral ‘Umlando Dance Challenge’.

Taking to Twitter, Pearl expressed how she feels and that she hopes Dineo is ok.  Tweeps where quick to respond to the tweet.  One Tweep said:”Metro fm suspended her on her misconduct Pearl, she was at fault.  You're diverting your experience with them as a means to defend Dineo's poor decision to dance on work tables. Two different things.”

Another Tweep said:”You were there under different management, right? Can't be dancing on top of million worth broadcasting desk and call that self esteem or expression.  I may understand Metro FM has issues but that is a workplace. Even in construction, playing like that is an offense.”  Thusi replied to one Tweep and said how she can’t control Dineo’s actions or anyones feelings about them, however, Metro is the most toxic environment she’s ever encountered. 

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