Ghana Shocks The World With Its Coffin Making Skills (Photos)


Funerals and burials are usually the hardest and saddest. Losing a person you loved is definitely not a thing to make merry about. However, Ghana has a new to change the somber mood during this hard time.

Ghana's coffins have evolved with time and people around the world are surprised by the rate of creativity. Coffin makers put a lot of effort to meet the customer's requirements.

Coffin makers use available materials such as timber and paint to make beautiful coffins. The only thing that mesmerizes many is their skills.

The coffin made depends on the job a person was doing, talent and many more other considerations. Once a customer describes the type of coffin he or she wants a carpenter usually makes the exact way. Cost of a coffin depends on the size and design.

Burials and funerals in Ghana are never the same again because the coffin may look hilarious. Check out photos of the coffins and give your comments below.


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