3 Ways Nigerian Celebrities Can Help Veteran Actor, Prince Emeka Ani As He Reveals He Is Very Sick

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A popular Nollywood actor by the name of Yul Edochie recently took to his verified Instagram account to share a video of veteran actor, Prince Emeka Ani pleading for supports from Nigerians.

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According to the veteran actor, he has been seriously sick since December 2020. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, where he underwent surgery that hasn't healed because of excess diabetics in his system. He added that he suffered a partial stroke after the surgery and has been having eye pains which might lead to blindness if he doesn't treat it immediately.

The veteran actor pleaded with Nigerians to help him financially so that he can go to a better hospital in Nigeria or abroad for his treatment. However, they are ways celebrities in Nigeria can help the sick man and I will be sharing them with you in this article.

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#1 Celebrities can help by contributing some money for the veteran actor as that is what he needs at the moment to get him to a better hospital for treatment. I believe if the Nigerian celebrities are to do the contribution for the actor, they will come up with a reasonable amount of money since they are financially capable enough.

#2 Paying the veteran actor a surprise visit. I have come to understand that money aside, visiting a sick person makes them feel loved. At that point, they will know that they are not alone in their struggles and that they have reasons to fight through whatsoever is their problem. A little time of respect from Nigerian celebrities and as well, fans might change the story.

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#3 Connecting the veteran actor with people or someone that can help him. I believe that most of our celebrities are highly connected and have the best hands in everything. One or two of them can connect the veteran actor with someone or people that could treat him. Remember the veteran actor said he needs financial help from people to be able to go to the best hospital that can treat him? However, after the money is raised for him, celebrities can as well connect him with a better hospital.

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