May God Bless Our Mothers; Here's A Sad Moment Mother Impala Sacrifices Herself For Her Babies To Live


This is a sad moment a mother Impala was caught by cheetahs and was torn into pieces by the ferocious predators.

In real sense, it's normal ordeal and everyday things that happen in the jungle, but the manner at which this incident occurred is what captures the heart of people.

I must mention that our mothers have sacrificed a lot for us in this world, and they are still willing to sacrifice, and this mother Impala demonstrates the pain of mothers and the sacrifice they have to make so we can live safely.

The mother Impala shown in the image was allegedly walking with her two babies when a small group of cheetahs attacked them, the cheetahs were coming from afar, so the Impala could've easily outrun them, but for her babies who could not outrun the fast cheetahs, she had to sacrifice herself for her babies to live.

When the cheetahs approached, she got herself in their way, which enables the baby impalas to make their way into the bush, and out of sight, but she had paid the price with her life.

What is actually not normal in these photos is how calm the impala is throughout the incident. She was watching her babies make way for safety, perhaps she was satisfied that her babies were safe or It is probably in shock and thus became stiff with fear. It is disturbing how it seems to be posing in some photos as if determined to stay brave and pretty and proud until the end. The defiance in its eyes are in stark contrast with its lack of interest in self-preservation.

May God bless our mothers for they have sacrificed a lot for us.