Here Is One Natural Thing You Can Do When Cooking Beans To Reduce It's Cooking Time

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With the incessant spike in the price of cooking gas, it is really necessary we find ways to get to minimize the cooking time of most of our foods inorder to conserve gas and as well, save up some money.

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Beans are among the crops found in the leguminous family, the same family where peas, peanuts etc are found. They are nutritious, providing nutrients such as protein, iron, fibre and the rest of them. 

Beans can be consumed in several methods. They can be grinded to paste and used to prepare recipes like moi-moi, the paste can also be deep fried in hot vegetable oil to give rise to akara.

Porridge beans, most times would take a lot of time to get done and this is one thing we don't need with the present state of cooking gas. We need to burn our gas only for a short period of time and not prolonged intervals.

Here is a tip to employ when cooking you beans -

- First you have to pick the stones and then wash.

- After that you would need to parboil it and sieve out the first water coming from it. A lot of people would face stomach upset after eating beans because they cook it straight ahead and not sieve the first water away.

Atimes, some chemicals used in preserving these legumes end up getting into the seeds and when we cook such foods straight ahead, we risk getting ourselves contaminated by them.

- After the parboiling step, wash the beans and put back in your pot then cut some onions and add to the pot with the beans.

- After it must have boiled with the Onions you may now proceed with the other condiments you may feel like adding to your food.

The presence of Onions helps loosen the protein bonds in the beans making them more receptive to heat. Try it and save your gas, time and money.

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