''If You Are In This Auditorium Let Me See Your Shouting'' Obinim Consoles T. B Joshua's Family.

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Many other pastors from around the world have come out to console and grieve with the family members of popular Nigerian minister of God T. B Joshua since his tragic death. Duncan Williams, Bishop Agyin Asare, and Dag Heward Mills are among the pastors who have publicly expressed their grief over the death of a fellow Christian.

Bishop Obinim, our own pastor, has now joined the chorus. The Bishop expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased during a service at one of his churches in Accra.

"If you are in this auditorium, let me see your shouting," he joked after expressing his profound sympathies to the family. The pastor's last comments sparked a flurry of reactions on social media. Some are arguing that, he should be left alone to express himself in the queen's language because it is not our own.

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Watch video here. The video is extremely hilarious so brace yourself for laughter.

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