God is wonderful: Meet the pastor who was a hip life music legend


God has a mysterious way of choosing people to do his work for him. When we look back in history, we can see how God used people like thieves, smokers, gangsters, and a variety of other people who were doing bad things to do his work, such as preaching for him. And that's exactly what he did with Lord Kenya, a Ghanaian hiplife music legend.

Lord Kenya, whose real name is Abraham Philip Akpor Kojo Kainya was a Ghanaian hip-hop artist who recorded some of Ghana's most popular songs. He released albums like Sika Card, Sika Baa, Yeesom Sika, Sika Mpo Fane Ho, and Akasien, which featured hit songs like Medo, Sika Ba, Driver, Mr. P.O.P, and others. Lord Kenya has received numerous awards for his music and is regarded as one of Ghana's hiplife legends, but on October 28, 2010, everything changed for him.

Lord Kenya was touched by the Holy Spirit in October 2010 and has since stopped performing hiplife music and he no longer owns the rights to his hiplife songs and does not receive any money from them. He is the pastor of Kumasi's Face of Grace Covenant Temple, and instead of rapping, he now preaches the gospel to many Ghanaians, and he has also released a gospel album called Christlife in 2011. God is truly amazing.

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