5 questions you should not answer a lady if she asks you, they can ruin your relationship


Women are beautiful creatures and sometimes they can be dramatic. It is a natural thing to see women feeling insecure and sometimes they balance it up with some questions you should never answer as a man. The reason is because whichever way you answer, it will lead to quarell.

1. Do you love me more than your mom: this is one tough question most ladies would always asked when they noticed you do not joke with your mom or any family members. They want the assurance that they are number one in your heart. The best is joke about it and don't answer such questions.

2. Am I beautiful: women would always ask this if they notice you are close to some ladies.she would want to know if she is still your specification especially when she notice she has a competitor.

3. Am I getting fatter: women always have a conscious attention towards how much they are either losing or adding weight. Do not answer this question if you do not want her to use it against you when next something go wrong.

4. What is your kind of woman: this is a trap. As a man do not answer this question. If possible bear around the bush.

5. Tell me about your ex: A man's ex has a way of influencing how he treats others ladies that comes his way. It is good to not tell her the details. We were not compatible is a very good answer. Conclusively, do not mistake not answering this to blocking your communication channels. In marriage and relationship, communication is power.

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