Morning Drama In Thika Road As A Speeding Car Knocks Down a Pedestrian.

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Thika road has hit the headlines again, this time a speeding car has knocked down a pedestrian along the crossing point Ruiru. Just next to Ruiru sports club vehicles move at relatively low speed due to the road bumbs, peoples crossing point and the weighbridge.

It is commonly used by pedestrians who want to move from either side of the road, this is due to lack of a footbridge. Today morning a middle aged man was knocked down, according to other pedestrians the speeding driver rammed on the bumb loosing control and reaching the man almost in the outer lane of the road.

A huge crowd has gathered in the place of scene prompting police to intervene as they were almost attacking the driver. The badly injured man has been rushed to Nazareth hospital while the driver who was also complaining of back and chest pains has been accompanied by to the same hospital.

Motorists are urged to ensure full concentration while on roads. This will ensure they are Keen to obey all traffic signs and will easily avoid some accidents which result from human errors.

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