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The Divorce Prank. ( Funny Story)

An old man residing in Chicago phones his son in Las Vegas and says, I hate to spoil your mood for today, but am informing you that your mother and I getting a divorce after thirty six years of been married. The problems and misery is enough for the both of us.

Son: Dad what are you saying? The son shouts.

Dad: We can't stand the sight of each other, the old man responds. We are sick and tired of each other, I hate to talk about this and I do not care about it just call your elder brother in Washington and tell him.

He hangs up.

The young man feeling desperate and sad calls his elder brother and tells him about it.

The elder brother bursting with anger tells his brother that it will not happen while he is alive.

He calls Chicago immediately, and screams at his dad. You and Mom are not getting divorced, don't do anything until I arrive there.

Am calling my brother back and both of us will be there tomorrow, until then don't do anything. Do you understand me, he hangs up.

The old man puts the phone down and turns to her wife they are coming for New Year, what do we tell them on Easter.

Funny Picture.

Pregnant woman: hey doctor! Can a pregnancy drink beer if nine months is not arrive?

Doctor: Eii madam! Forget about the beer, this type of English can cause miscarriage.


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