The Queen Of Love, Akothee Shares Passionate Moment With Her Lover - Nelly Oaks at a Nightclub.


In Summary.

- Esther Akothee, the queen of love shares a passionate moment with the love of her life.

- She has flaunted the pictures of the two, enjoying the happy time together.

- The two love-bird looks happy and woozing with nothing but love.

The self-proclaimed single mothers' President, Esther Akothee shares a passionate moment with the love of her life.

Nelly Oaks, who was her former manager is currently the love of her life. They spent a happy time at a nightclub.

Akothee, who is never shy from the glares of the camera, has shared photos of their breath-taking moments on her Instagram handle.

The sensational secular artist, in a funny way asked her followers if they share passwords with their lovers.

She took to her Instagram, akotheekenya, insisting that she know when to ask and get what she want from him.

She acknowledged that, "@nellyoaks is bae" who has swept her off her feets.

"Do you have your hubby's password" she asked.

Akothee was keen to note that Nelly is the boy who brings out the girl in her.

She disclosed her goal saying it is to live and die a happy successful wife to a happy and successful husband too.

"Premium tears are for losers. My @nellyoaks. She added.


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