Declare These Powerful Prayers This Morning Before Going Out (28/06/2020).


When we speak of the Lord's mercy, his grace automatically calls to mind. Many people get the two mixed up. Although they are close in meaning, they are not exactly the same. Grace is God's unmerited favour; and it goes beyond mercy. Mercy on the other hand, is God not giving us the punishment we deserve for our sins. As you can see, the grace of God is beyond sufficiently in our individual lives! I prophesy to you today, that in this day; the mercy of God shall rewrite every negative report against your life and then powerfully move you to your places of favour, restoration, wealth and total power to defeat all the forces of darkness.


Almighty redeemer of the world, I plead of your mercy to fall upon me this morning, in Jesus name. Lord Jesus, send down your unstoppable favours to reign in my life this morning, in Jesus name.


Thank you Lord Jesus for granting me victory to see this day, which is the most blessed day amongst all day, my dear Lord in your loving forgiveness please save me from my sins have mercy on me and cover me from the shame I deserve for not being faithful to you, in Jesus precious name.


Oh Lord, please give ears to my prayers this morning, grant me all my wishes Lord Jesus and do not cast me out of your feet this morning, in Jesus name.


Almighty Father, the King of all kinds, please save me from death which my enemies are trying to plot against me and my humble family, in Jesus name. As I will be going out this morning to your place of worship, don't let any accident be my portion, in Jesus name.


Oh Lord, by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ who came to die for my sins, I plead for your anointing above to shower upon me once again so that I can be born again, in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you Father, because without you I alone can't stand the battle on this earth. Thank you Lord Jesus once again for in Jesus precious name i pray. Amen!