Infotrak Shows Results of Poll Between William Ruto & Raila Odinga Ahead Of August Elections

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The kenyan politics have been much hotter and alarming ahead of the august elections more so for the presidency race.Today from tht latest polls,the infotrak has revealed that Raila's is the best preferred presidential aspirant with 49 Percent while deputy president William Ruto with 30 percent.

It can be traced that since the running mates were unveiled in the country for the presidency race,the Kenyan politics have taken a totally new twist ahead of the august elections.Since the handshake incident,the deputy president William Ruto has been in the front line to ensure that he succeeds the outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta despite their political disputes ahead of the august elections.

It is now high time all the Kenyan politicians to ensure that they maintain peace and unity throughout the country during their campaigns to avoid violence that may arise after and also ahead of the august elections.Raila is now at a better chance of forming the next government.

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