Ken Agyapong calls for a harsher sentence for Akuapem Poloo - A case of pot calling the kettle black?


The case of the pot calling the kettle black can easily be this situation where Hon. Kennedy Agyapong seeks to chide the actions of Akuapem Poloo that has led to her incarceration and his subsequent call for a harsher sentence for her.

The man Kennedy Agyapong, in our minds does have the moral right to join the bandwagon of moral preachers. He stands accused in worse conducts, but for his association with the ruling elite, which has made him untouchable, he should be languishing in jail by now.

The actions of Akuapem Poloo have been widely criticised and condemned. The masses have, however described the sentence as harsh.

But the Asin central member of parliament in commenting on the matter said, Akuapem Poloo should have been given a year jail term. He further expressed disagreement with those calling for the actress to be shown mercy.

The outspoken legislature then spoke against the social media activities of some celebrities, condemning the public display of their lifestyles.

For us, such message no matter how appropriate it seems, brings the messenger also into focus. We cannot pretend to be holier than thou. Kennedy Agyapong is equally guilty of many of such infringes.

Not long ago, he sat on us Television station and hurled plain insults at a judge, calling him all sorts of unprintable names. A matter which is still in court.

Admittedly, there are no records of the MP engaging in something similar to Akuapem Poloo's nude pictures. However, when a minister of his government was caught with similar acts, this same Kennedy Agyapong defended him (Minister) with his blood and threatens to expose the girl who is alleged to have released the video to embarrass the minute. I speak of the Kan Dapah 'pyjamas' brouhaha.

He defends his colleague politicians and now wants to go after celebrities. That is hypocrisy.