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Siyacela Father Just Realized He Did A Terrible Job Raising Siyacela After This Happened 


Mr Dlamuka is crushed for Thando. He's in any event, crying. I really like how The Dlamuka family is Thando's ally rather than Siyacela. Dissapointing your parent like dis and trust all that will simply be smooth in your life, never 

He is the reason for this hogwash!! These individuals ought to have never been hitched in any case. Dlamuku crying truly made me dismal. It shows that he really focuses on Thando and he doesn't excuse what Siyacela did. He cherishes Siyacela and he is seeing that his life will go South if Thando passes on him because of their mankind. 

Siyacela father recently started to understand he made a horrendous showing raising Siyacela. I don't feel frustrated about him for Siyacela's insolence, he didn't train him. That is to say, he was snickering with Siyacela when Siyacela was calling her grandma dumb. Dlamuka made this beast. Indeed, even the siblings said that in that other ep, they said from when Siyacela was a youthful Dlamuka would keep calm when Siya affronted older folks. 

yoh nna siyacela wang bhora he is discourteous ga itsi go bolela le batho he circumvents requesting that different ladies wed him without talking about it with his significant other then, at that point, has the dauntlessness gore amo bethe. Bab Dlamuka saying he felt torment hearing Siyacela saying he needs a second spouse he says he cried not tears of satisfaction yet of trouble. 

It's MaBongi chuckling for me, she doesn't know ukuthi naye ibaby mom dramatization imlindile. Thando offending the side chick like it's her shortcoming while her significant other is garbage. Indeed Thando has a privilege to affront her since she consented to be a subsequent spouse while she realized that he left somebody at home. 

This is the thing that happens when you wed an individual prior to satisfying your objectives in life l. This should fill in as an illustration to other more youthful once that getting hitched at youthful age isn't pap and chicken its accompanies penance. When the lil sister said even the weave couldn't assist Siya's better half with looks. At the point when Thando said there's no adoration in her marriage with Siyacela it was self-evident, stand by till Thando goes to varsity they will not endure 

"I'm simply going to stand by to complete secondary school then, at that point, I will leave. When I leave, I will not return." - Thando 

In the event that Thando choose to remain Eben whenever sje sees that is there's no possibility, stand by till Thando goes to varsity, Siyacela will lament making a nitwit out of Thando. Thando's mother comprehends and tells her she should get back home. She did nit sell her kid and that is valid. She actually have the room.at their home. 

Not Thando saying that woman is udoti, ugogo ush& womuntu.

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