"You're Evil, I Knew It From The Day You Walked In" - Pere Tells Maria

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Pere has told Maria to her face that he knew from the day she walked in, that she was evil. Although he didn't mean his statement in the offensive way.

Some of the housemates were relaxing in the lounge, and Pere and Maria happened to be among the housemates that were present in the lounge as at that moment.

However, Maria just finished having lunch and was drinking water when Pere politely asked Maria to give him some water to drink. Although Maria's response was not so friendly initially, Maria eventually told Pere that she was going to remain some water for him when she's done drinking.

This was when Pere jokingly told Maria that she's evil, and he knew it right from the day she walked into the house.

It's no news that Maria and Pere have been revealed as the two wild cards in the BBNaija season 6 reality TV show, and the housemates have been given the task of fishing them out. Good luck to the housemates.

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