Highly Nutritious Egusi soup preparation

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Egusi soup is an African soup dish that has crossed the borders of it's origin and gone across to highly scarce places, Egusi soup is highly used in The Nollywood movies and other African movies..

Egusi soup is a typical name for Melon soup and it's easy to prepare and delicious to eat...Well let me teach you how to prepare Egusi soup..



*Red Oil

*Red meat or assorted meat



*Shrimps,snails, crayfish

*Onion, pepper and Seasoner Knorr and Onga cubes preferrably

*Washed and chopped bitterleaf ..

*Stock fish and dryfish


1.Fry bitterleaf in hot Palm oil .4 soup spoons of Red oil is enough to fry it ..and in a different pot from that of the main soup... Remember your Egusi should not be watery..

2.Fry meolon too in hot oil add minimal quantity of water,your Melon should be more than your added water it should be thick in consistency...

3.Add all your meat including your crayfish and stock fish and dryfish and cover when the aroma is recovered you taste to add Seasoner and add you bitterleaf stir allow to drycook let it thicken then you bring down and serve with desired swallow like Garri,foofoo,Or Semovita ..Your Egusi soup is ready.... Yummy

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