3 things eye contact does to your crush


Making of eye contact is one of the most common things people do these days. Eye contact could be made in several ways and with several intentions. Most times, eye contact could be used as a way of communication. Some people can use the eye to communicate with one another. Usually the best way to connect with someone on a deeper level is through the eyes. The eyes is a very vital part of the human body which tells alot about you. The eyes in most cases, shows how a girl feels. For instance when she is angry, when she is in love, when she is in pain, when she likes something or somebody and so on. The eyes color changes to red when someone is angry, it also sherd tears when the person is in pains. The eyes also glitters when someone is in love.

Now, what are the things that eye contact does to a girl?.

1. It has been observed that constant eye contact with a girl connects you to her emotions.

2. Eye contact can also help in attracting a girl.

3. Making eye contact with a girl helps in getting her attention.

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