UPDATE: Mixed Reaction as UDA Party's Njoro Offices Are Repainted With Jubilee Party Colours

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Political parties are out to clinch various elective seats across different parts of the country in the much awaited August 9th general election.

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Deputy President William Ruto's United Democratic Alliance (JDA) party is also not left behind in the quest by parties to clinch elective seats.

UDA party has fielded various candidates across the country for different elective seats including Governors, Senators, MPs, Women Reps, MCAs as well as the top seat, Presidency.

The party has been building offices across the country ever since the split with Jubilee party that led to DP Ruto registering the outfit in 2021.

The party in efforts to spread its roots across the country has been establishing offices since its formation, to coordinate party activities at the grassroot level.

UDA party's Njoro Constituency offices have been repainted with Jubilee Party colours triggering a series of mixed reactions from netizens.

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The move to repaint the Njoro Constituency UDA party offices has triggered a series of mixed reactions from Kenyans including;


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