Pictures Of Kids That Own Snakes As Pet And Why People Keep Them


Some people would rather have a low-maintenance pet that does not require constant care. People who are allergic to hair would prefer to care for a snake or lizard. While we do collect from the wild, many of us are unable to get out as much as we would like and would like to bring a piece of it home.

Having a snake for a child is not a good idea unless the parents are just as knowledgeable as the child. Even silkworms that only need care for a month or two lose their appeal to most children. So, if this is the case, don't buy them a snake.

If he or she is interested, get them involved with a local herpetological society and see how long their enthusiasm lasts. Children should not begin with a baby snake because they are more difficult to handle.

Get a snake that is at least a year or two old and does not have the flight or battle attitude that baby snakes do.