Why Chelsea Will Always Regret The Decision To Sell Mo Salah & Kevin De Bruyne

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Some things in life are never meant to be and that is what can be said about Mohammed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne being successful Chelsea stars.

The two players are arguably two of the best players in the Premier league right now and they are leading their team's charge to become Premier league champions again, challenging Chelsea, their former team.

Salah who is currently with Liverpool and De Bruyne with Manchester City faced each other today in what was a premier league classic match and they were both phenomenal.

Salah assisted Liverpool's first goal and De Bruyne scored City's equaliser in the 2-2 draw at Anfield.That was a result every Chelsea fan in the world would be happy about because it ensures their status as the Premier league table toppers after 7 matches and going into the international break.

The only thing they would not have liked about watching that game was the fact that Salah and De Bruyne are no longer their players. The mere realisation that those two used to be their players and imagining that they are still at the club right now is something that will make them always regret the decision to sell the

Although they were young when they were at Chelsea and it seemed like a good decision when they were sold, looking back now, there's no way there won't be a feeling of regret.

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