UDA Supporters Gang Up On Malala After Removing Ruto's Photo From His Campaign Posters Issue Warning

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The way Christians and believers eagerly waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ, million of Kenyans are also eagerly waiting to see president Uhuru Kenyatta's successor after august polls

With just seventy five days remaining to august polls, political alignment and re-alignments has taken place in the country something that has raised speculations.

Today Kakamega Gubernatorial aspirants Cleophas Malala has sparkled mixed reactions among UDA supporters after he removed Deputy William Ruto's photo from his campaign posters

This come after yesterday in a post shared on Kenyans.co.ke lamenting that he has been supporting William Ruto's in villages of Kakamega but it seems that ground is resistant, saying that everywhere is dominated by Azimio. Therefore having consulted his campaign team, he now declared that he will campaign for himself.

It's seems Kenya Kwanza affiliated leaders from Western have failed in popularizing Ruto's bottom up economic model, something that is giving them sleepless night because they promised to deliver 70% of Mulembe votes to Ruto

Shared by Nation sitting Kakamega Senator has now officially dropped Deputy William Ruto's image from his posters. New details emerging that he now have Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula and ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi's Photos on his campaign posters

Ruto's diehard supporters has reacted to Malala's decision saying that those are kicks of a dying horse that won't prevent Ruto from achieving his presidential ambitions by winning august polls. Some supporters also argued that selling Ruto in western is like selling pork in Saudi Arabia.

"Ruto can only fool people in rift valley and central kenya..other kenyans are very sharp and they know this man is very corrupt and can never be the president" Cellina Candy

"Ruto is not sellable in western. Ni kama kuuza pork Saudi Arabia" Amos Karuliuki

"Now Nation is so concerned about petty issues kama Musalia ako Kenya kwanza malala ako pia but he knows using Ruto's image will make him lose other presidential aspirants supporters" Gilbert ben


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