Umnakwethu Happily Ever After: Maskandi Artist Seperates With His Fiancee

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Maskandi artist's marriage with his second wife to be whom he has appeared with on a television show called 'Umnakwethu Happily Ever After' has come to an end.

The news of Qondanisa Sibisi and Samantha Mazibuko's marriage coming to an end have been soft spoken by people but then this arrist finally confirmed. This comes after the news that broke out of Samantha being unsure of who is the real father of her child between Qondanisa and her other relationship partner.

Samantha was heard saying she's not sure who impregnated her on one of the episodes of the show. Qondanisa mentioned that there are a lot of things he fails to understand about Samantha and this is why he decided for them to take a break from loving each other.

'I didn't know that she was unsure of who impregnated her. I was shocked to hear her saying it on TV. I did suspect a few things about her but i didn't know that it would reach a stage where she doesn't even know who impregnated her. At the moment i chose not to have anything to do with her because i can see that I'll end up doing things I'm not supposed to.

'All I'm focusing on is taking care of the child as it has already been born, i am also planning to do a DNA test to make sure that the child belongs to me. The only reason I'm supporting the child is because i don't want her to accuse me of not supporting my child one day ,if the results revealed that I'm the biological father.' Stated Qondanisa.

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