Why You Should Learn Mathematics No Matter How Old You Are


Not everyone loves MATHS, many students wonder why it's even necessary to learn it in the first place! Well, it may not always be obvious but maths really is EVERYWHERE! Maths is how our phones work! How airplanes fly! How social medias know who you're going to tag in a photo even before you do! Maths can tells us how diseases spread, who is most likely to win an election, or the odds of winning a casino game.

Maths also goes far beyond our everyday experience, it is the LANGUAGE of the universe itself, describing how all objects move, from tinning atoms to entire galaxies, Maths covers EVERYTHING from science to economics, so it's NOT an overstatement when we say maths is EVERYWHERE!

Maths is also inherent in reality, objects in the night sky obey mathematical laws of motion that exist whether we write them down or not.

The job of a mathematician is to ask questions and then come up with tools that are needed to answer them, the answers themselves are fixed and out of our control e.g 1+1=2, there's no other solution, it's beyond our control. And that's you should learn mathematics, we're going to ask questions and then build the tools we need to answer them.

What do you use math for? Why do you need math? Imagine a world without math. How would you survive without math? Could you? the answer is no. Look at all the wonderful things maths is used for and why maths is important. Seriously, try one day without math and see if you catch yourself using it anyway. Math is a natural way to organize and think. For example, when you're using the microwave, aren't you decide how long to set the timer? TIME? Did you say TIME? Can you tell someone when to meet you if you couldn't tell time? How do you know when it's lunchtime?

How about your child's locker? These are often numbered. Could you tell one locker from the next without an identifying number? And then there's the matter of the combination. Yes.. some are letters but numbers are more common.

How about cooking and baking? You need to be able to measure ingredients and proportion ingredients if you need more or fewer servings.

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