I Really Need A Sweetheart But Men Think They Can't Handle Me. This Hurts So Bad [FICTION]


A great deal occurs with creation as time changes from the more youthful stage to a more developed stage. 

I'm a medical attendant and my name is Louisa. I recollect when I was a child, I am not one you could see as the excursion or the outing type. I wasn't excellent and I was aware. 

Something interesting started to occur as I was clocking my twenties but I was done with trying to get pretty since my adolescent stage neglected to show an extra body feature. 

It really came as a stun as the very highlights I was desperate for started in my twenties when I turned into a medical caretaker running my typical night shifts and so forth.

I needed a sweetheart at a point yet it seemed as though life and young men had abandoned me for I once heard in the medical clinic with murmurs that, I am a big 'machine' and I'll be hard to handle. All jokes aside, this hurts really bad.

Is it my mentality or I am not lovely enough? I contemplated whether there's some kind of problem with me and what might actually turn out bad with me. 

Do check my image from underneath and tell me if I don't have the right to be seeing someone, it's been such a long time. I really need a sweetheart.

Am I doing something wrong? Now and again I am simply frightened I will move toward a man I want and I'll be dismissed. What must I do?

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