Netizens Hail Justice Chitembwe’s Rulings On Defilement


Chief justice contestant Judge Juma Chitembwe has impressed a section of netizens with his view on defilement. Judging from his previous rulings on defilement, Chitembwe has been praised by netizens for using wisdom in giving judgment.

According to the law, anyone who engages in a sexual relationship with an under 18 girl is termed a defiler. But according to Chitembwe, such a case should be looked at with keen and judgment applied based on the situation. Take a scenario where to adolescents where the boy is 18 years and the girl is 17 years engages in a sexual relationship, why is the boy judged harshly while the girl is left.

“now this is the best suited to be our next CJ… he judges through wisdom” Keterick

“But I'm 36 and my wife is 27. Are you getting what I am saying? When she was 9 I was 18 “Joshua

A good number of netizens have hailed Chitembe and now want him to be given the seat of CJ.

What if you take on the cases of defilement? Should teenage lovers continue dating if one of them reaches the age of consent before the other?