Tima Kumkum looks adorable in red - See her photos


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Cynthia Tima Yeboah has light up social media and has got the attention of netizens with her recent photos. She shared the photos on her Instagram handle to the joy of netizens. As a brief, Cynthia Tima Yeboah is popularly known as Tima Kumkum and she is a media personality. Her fluency in the Twi language has earned her the admiration of all.

In her recent photos, Tima Kumkum has dressed herself in a lovely and fashionable red outfit. The red outfit is loose around the arms and also from the knee down to the feet but it is however tight around the bust and waistline. The media personality also adorned herself in nice makeup and a stylishly curly hair.

Personally, I think Tima Kumkum’s dress can be used for church service and as a wedding guest. See the photos below and don’t forget to follow KiaraNellie, comment, like and share. Thanks.

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