Nana Agradaa please do you want to kill Ghanaians or what?


Whenever one hears the name Nana Agradaa then quickly spiritualism comes to mind.

Patricia Asieduaah who's famously known as Nana Agradaa is a spiritualist who aid people from all walk of life with money issues

Nana Agradaa is very powerful when it comes to matters of the spiritual realm. She is one spiritualist who do not use either human or animals to do sacrifice before she could be in the position to do wonders at her shrine.

But instead, she only collects money from people to double it up for them. No human or animals sacrifice is required.

Apart from being a spiritualist, Nana Agradaa is also the image behind Thunder Television and many other lucrative jobs in Ghana and she has employed many energetic people to put food on their tables. She really has a heart of gold.

But trust Nana Agradaa on this, she is the one who could go the extra mile to assist you but if you there betrayed her, she will also bring out the beast in you right under your nose.

Nana Agradaa is a multi talented aside being a spiritualist. She is a singer, an actress, a philantropist, an advisor and what have you.

The other part of Nana Agradaa that has really taken a lot of Ghanaians on is her dancing moves and how she is vocal when it comes to explaining herself.

She has been seen quiet number of times exhibiting her dance moves on the internet which got many Ghanaians attention and always ready for more.

Nana Agradaa is the type who dance to confuse her enemies.

However, most Ghanaians have taken heed to getting to know much about her especially she flaunting her luxurious belongings on social media.

Nana Agradaa is really loaded with much gooddes not to even mention money.

In fact Nana, Ghanaians are so very proud of you no matter what.

You are really cherished and loved.

Continue to soar higher with your Sika Gari to help people with money issues.