Chiefs and Elders hired him to carry crocodiles, see what happened.


This morning as I opened my Facebook account and was scrolling to see the happenings of the day, I sight a story shared by a young Ghanaian driver called Gabby A BornRich. According to him, he has been hired by the chiefs and elders "Nananum" to help them carry goods he has no idea of.

When they got to the spot, he saw a crocodile fenced on the floor with six other big Crocodiles inside the water. The chiefs and elders told him, they are here to carry the crocodiles to their village, been amazed he decides to take a picture to share the story with us online.

Now the problem is, the attendant or the qualified person to help them upload the Crocodile into his Car has travelled and will be back in 5days time, they have been waiting for almost 6 hours now. So his asking who is going to help them carry the Crocodiles from the dirty water into his car?

Been stranded right now is his problem because other passengers are calling him as well for transportation purposes.

What would you have done, will you carry the Crocodiles because of money when the attendant arrives?

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