Kalenjin Comedian Propesa Has Left Netizens In Stitches After Posting This Photo


For the highly anticipated match of weekend, Manchester United are traveling to Etihad to face the champions-elect Manchester city. Man city are three quarters away in setting a new world record of twenty eight straight unbeaten run.

Manchester United who are at third position at the premier league after Leicester came from behind to beat Brighton Albion two-one to secure second place. Man united have appeared to be struggling in the recent games that they have played both home and away. Manchester united fans appeared to have been bothered by Fred's game blaming him the way he played against Crystal Palace.

The photo of a famous kalenjin comedian 'propesa' is at the hospital receiving some medication as he was not feeling well. He has posted this photo with a caption saying that he should not be disturbed and has worn a Manchester united T-shirt. Netizens have reacted wishing him quick recovery but the game must be played. Who do you think will win the derby

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