Remarks From Raila Odinga After His Meeting With ODM And Jubilee Leadership Today.

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Raila Odinga who is the leader of ODM party today tweeted on his twitter page that Gearing up for Friday. Met the Nairobi County ODM and Jubilee Party leadership to ensure we have an extravaganza to behold. Tutachapa siasa na tupige sherehe kuruka.

dedan tweeted, "Good idea because, that way you'll also ensure that both parties and their leadership, shall have awesome retirement extravaganza after wasting time and resources, come 2022."

Maata tweeted, "Baba stop talking about BBI in your campaigns people have moved on and also never liked it anyway. Advice from your real supporter since 2002."

JOE tweeted, "Whoever is administering this Twitter handle is boring. You need to post like a serious person. Matters presidency does not need this low mentality thinking. Post like a serious person engaging serious people."

Sultan tweeted, "Just follow Ruto's tweets. They sound presidential. I hope to see some improvement. Don't let baba look like a fool. He Isa presidential aspirant. A statesman. Tweet sensible stuff."

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