Life Is Sweeter At 40s, Akothee Opens Up On New Life

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Musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee has shared that her life has changed a lot since she clocked forty years.

Akothee is always energetic, lively and always active whenever with groups of people and even on social media.

But this could not be going on any longer as she says that she is now living her best life despite the inevitable changes.

Some of the things she used to fancy in her late twenties and early thirties are no longer fascinating. Alcohol, clubbing and making love are some of the many things that used to thrill her.

"You want to sleep early and wake up fresh an early too," read part of her Facebook post.

The single mother of six recently broke up with her boyfriend, Nelly Oaks. This seems to be part of the peaceful journey she is experiencing now.

"You want to have a companion and a life partner who you can discuss family, business, investments and holidays.

You realise that you want to go to exclusive places with exclusive people, you circle becomes smaller and you realise that you can't keep groupies," she added.

Akothee is currently on a musical tour in Germany. She performed earlier today at Munich for one hour and fourty five minutes without taking a break.

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