"Save Me Please" Kenyan Woman Working In Saudi Arabia Alleges That Her Life Is In Danger


A Kenyan lady working in Saudi Arabia has alleged that her life is in danger. This was after another lady known as Mercy Msupa on Facebook posted this issue on "Kenyans Working In Saudi Arabia Facebook Page".

According to Mercy, the Lady called Ann Wangari is currently in a place called Qurtubah Selahi streets. Mercy added that Ann has been locked in a room for a day now and her life has been threatened.

Mercy added that Ann has been working for four months without pay. She said that Ann never complained but she only prayed for God to give her strength. The people threatening her life asked her to pray for God to her from that room and help her.

Mercy also said that Ann has tried to call the Agency for help but all in vain. She, therefore, asks for anyone who can help the lady to help her. Ann's Phone number is +254712936097 or +966543619028.

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