The conventional method you can employ to open your spiritual eyes.

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Everyone desires to have spiritual vision so they can avoid evil attacks in life. There are numerous spiritual exercises and Divine intervention throughout this process.

I'm here to discuss the value that Almighty God has placed on plants and how beneficial they are to both the spiritual and physical well-being of people. Here is the conventional method you can employ to open new your spiritual eyes.

Things that you need

1. Sea salt

2. Aidan fruit. (Prekese)

3. Clay pot.

4. Rainwater

Method :

Step 1. Take your clay pot and wash it in clean water before adding rainwater to it. Please only use rainwater; do not take any other water.

Step 2. With rainwater, clean the Aidan fruit (Prekese), then place it in the clay pot.

Step 3. Add 21 sea salts after counting them to the port containing the Aidan fruit and rain water

Step 4. Locate it below a tree or on top of a tree for three days.

Take it after three days and offer this prayer at night. "Oh God of Israel, you are the one in whom I place my trust. Father, open my spiritual eyes that I may see my adversaries. Elohim God, open my spiritual eyes and ears. Jesus' name, Jehovah Adoniah, open my eyes now, Amen".

After you've finished praying, wash your face three to seven times. Afterward, watch for divine intervention. Your opponents will start to appear to you in your dreams while they go about their business. Maintain your composure and keep praying, and you will begin to have heavenly visions day or night.

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