The UEFA 2021 Championship Prize.


Will all the adrenaline rush over the UEFA cup football championship,the question still remains, how much does the winner get to walk away with?? This is because some people are will to put their limbs on the table, just to prove that the team they support will claim the day.

Well it's no wonder that people have their eyes focused on the UEFA cup.This is because the winner gets to walk away with a whooping £24million(pounds).The rest of the participating teams get £8million(pounds), but as long as they complete their categorical group matches.The football championship cost an initial of £319million, but was reduced to £284.55million . This is because of the delay in hosting the matches and the occupation of football fans in the stadiums with the pandemic going on.

A total of £175million is to be taken by government taxpayers, with a percentage of the rest going to the players.Match bonuses are also added.The team qualifying for the last-16 gets a bonus of £1.29million (from £1.72million).The quarter finalists would get a bonus of £2.15million (from £2.8million).The semi finalists would get an extra £3.44 million (from £4.8million). Finally the winners get £6.88 million while the runners up get 4.8 million.

Moreover, match wins get a total of £860,000 , while draws get £430,000.This is down from planned respective funds of £1.29 million and £645,000.


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