"My Brothers Died After I Became a Priest" Fr Emotionally Narrates

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When Fr Vittorio Peter Githinji joined the seminary, he knew that he was responding to a call he had felt since he was a young boy. 

The day he took his vows to become a Catholic priest, he also knew that there was a cost he would have to pay: The cost of discipleship.

According to him, the cost came when he lost all his brothers who would probably have continued his family's lineage. 

They all died after separate road accidents at their prime age when they were about to start families of their own.

The loss left his parents so devastated. He has never thought of abandoning his call and go back home because he believes his calling was real and everything happens for a reason.

His parents also support his service to God and have never tried convincing him to drop his call to go back home and continue with his lineage.

Fr Githinji frequently visits his parents to comfort and pray with them. 


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