Secrets Behind Gabby And Abiba - Trending Models on instagram


Instagram is now flooded with curvaceous ladies who always go skin off when taking pictures. Most ladies are from Africa and in today’s article let’s read some facts about Gabby and Abiba and see some of their pictures.

Gabby is an American model, video vixen and brand ambassador. She is dark in complexion with tattoos on her body. She always post her hot photos to thrill her fans. Gabby is always active because of the business she does online. Every man admire her a lot and can’t resist her. Gabby is originated from Africa but grew up in America. In this article, let’s look some of her stunning photos.


Abiba is an American nudist, model and Instagram star. Abiba is one of the beautiful black woman in America. Abiba is always active on her Instagram account with over 2.7 million followers. Abiba is one of the beautiful curvaceous nudist on Instagram. Abiba is also a brand influencer.

Checkout some of her stunning photos;

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