Find Out Why It Is So: Six Reasons Why Men Lie

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All women have asked ourselves this question on more than one occasion, what is the need that leads a man to lie? why? And for what? Mind you, I'm not saying that women don't lie, but as a phrase says, "Men lie more, women lie better" that may be the difference. According to studies, women know how to read body language better and that is why when a man lies to them they discover it more easily. We are going to start from the beginning and with the points that encompass the most recurrent lies:

1. To impress

Men lie when they meet someone they find attractive, to impress her. They do it on their social position, tastes, friendships and above all qualities; so in the first date and the conquest phase, lies are very frequent.

2. When they do not want to give more explanations than necessary

Being already in a relationship, things get complicated , because men see lies as an easy way out of conflicts that are unnecessary for them. For example, when you ask, why weren't you answering the phone? and that answer that we all know perfectly comes out: “it had no charge”, it is to avoid giving more explanations than the case deserves. Or when you ask how does this skirt fit me?

3. Because they are unsafe

Also the insecurities of men are a trigger to lie, if his self esteem is not high enough, he will try based on lies to appear something that he considers more interesting for his partner and even friends.

4. So as not to hurt your feelings

Knowing the susceptibility of women, they try not to hurt or sometimes by saying painful truths; So they decide, of course, to lie to protect.

5. To manipulate

As you hear it, a man can become calculating and realize what the woman is most vulnerable and profit from it with lies, if that works.

6. And as a last point, for being unfaithful

A man who has an affair is the liar par excellence, he knows how to lead a double life and adapt it so that at least one of the parties in the love triangle does not find out. Or they lie telling their lovers how unhappy they are in their marriages, which is one of the most used tactics by infidels.

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