4 Bed time prayer points for kids

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10 Popular Night Time Prayers for Children

1.   Jesus is always there when I rise

because, you are great and very wise.

Please Lord hear my heart prayers when I send.

Be with my family and friends

stay with us till the end.

So that we can continue to strive and never relent.  


2.   Help me God to see

All the great things you have sent to me

Jesus give me the power to hear

Your voice as you come so near

Help me oh Lord to go

Even when my leg drags and my feet run slow

God please help me to stay true

And my heart should be filled with power to do

Help me to stay caring and kind

From the morning even till the night

Protect me all through the day

in everything I do or say.


3.   He makes me sleep and thereafter wakes me up

He provides my parents with good food so that they can feed me

He said I should call on him when I am afraid

Because I am his friend, I am a winner

Even when everything seem tough and scary

I believe he is with me

He protects and guides my family

In the morning, and noon

And now as we are about to go to bed

He will send his angels to protect, me, dad and mom

Please Lord, show us your kindness,

And allow us wake up hale and hearty tomorrow.


4.    He died on the cross for me

So he can set me free from the danger of darkness

He brought the morning so we can work hard

The afternoon so we can make money to feed the family

And the night so that everyone can go to bed to rest

I commit my family to your hands tonight

Please don’t let the bed bugs bite us.



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