Uzalo| Gabisile causes a huge war between Nkunzi and Phillipe

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Nkuzi has been struggling to hide her feelings for Phillipe's wife and it causes her to do the imaginable by sleeping with this woman, who has been trying to get protection from the Mhlongos who looks threatened about the whole situation that has happened in the past months.

But Gabisile has become a huge problem for Nkunzi which might end badly for them in the coming days, because she has told Phillipe about this whole issue and he has just arrived in Kwamashu to witness this whole situation and he is also looking to kill Nkunzi by sleeping with his wife.

The only person who will suffer a lot from this issue is Sibonelo because he might lose his business for good because of the hijacking that he did last year.

Phillips might tell the guys that Sibonelo is the person that was behind this whole drama.

Will Gabisile come to her senses and safe Nkunzi from this mess that she has started?

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