Why GNAT cannot solve teachers' GhC 1200 impasses with NTC


Teachers across the length and breadth of this are in the process of being licensed by the National Teaching Council. Teachers have since raised alarm over the purported one thousand two-hundred Ghana cedis (GhC 1200) they are to pay to National Teaching Council accredited service providers in order to renew their licence.

Some teachers have called on the Ghana National Association Teachers (GNAT), the mother of Teacher-Associations in Ghana to intervene in other to reduce the amount and the frequency of these workshops.

Can GNAT intervene?

According to a close source, the Ghana National Association Teachers has registered as a certified service provider with the National Teaching Council. The largest Teacher-Association in Ghana will soon commence the organisation of workshops.

Ghana National Association Teachers also wants to enter into the fray and organise workshops for their members.

It remains to be seen if GNAT would charge amounts similar to those by the other service providers.

The areas to be tackled by Ghana National Association Teachers is also not out yet.

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