Akothee Reveals Fancy Was Traumatized By Her Parent's Separation That's Why She's In France

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Singer Esther Akoth is one of the most famous social media influencers that we have in the entertainment industry. Akothee does a lot of things online such as content creation, music artist, author and enterpreneur. She's one of the female socialites having fancy lifestyles on social media. She blogs a lot about her life that she has achieved at her early 40s. She's super amazing celebrity as well as a mother of five children. 

Now Akothee is in France having good times with her daughters. She went there during the weekend to see her family that's her two sons and one daughter. Akothee has been sharing clips of her stay in Paris enjoying the entire vacation. Her daughters too seem excited as it's quite an interesting moment for them. 

Today Akothee has shared a photo of her third daughter Fancy Makadia, making a reveal why she studies in France. She has said her daughter used to be accused of being in illuminati that's why she moved out of the country. Akothee has also added that her daughter needs proper mental attention since she was the most affected by her parent's breakup. She used to be daddy's daughter so the separation really affected her. That's why she has to stay in France. Also Akoth has said that her daughter will be graduating soon as she's sitting for her last papers next week. 

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