The Best 22 Smartphones In 2021


So I’ve spent the last 5 and a half months collecting and testing all the top globally available smartphones. I’ve rated every single one’s performance, camera, battery and display based on what price it is selling for and given them an overall value rating. So with that in mind these are the world’s top smartphones as at the time of this post from good to better to the best and some of these may surprise you:

22.Nokia X20 (Base Price-$400)

So at the backend is Nokia specifically the X20 which is their affordable blackship 2021 phone and Nokia is doing a lot of great stuff right now. Their phones are all inexpensive, they’re bloatware free,Nokia gives extended warranties and loads of software support.Their entire angle is sustainability;smartphones that you buy and you keep. It really is an admirable message but i think they focused a little too much on this at the cost of how capable their phones actually are.

Like for this X20 their marketing doesn’t even mention a single specification (that’s like applying to a University and refusing to show them your grades) and fundamentally it’s because this phone is absolutely crushed by even the cheaper phones like Xiaomi

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