History behind Champions League song composed by Tony Britten


Tony Britten is the great man who maade song for the biggest tournament in Europe (the champions league). Tony Britten is a British Composer . In 1992, UEFA commissioned Britten to arrange an anthem for the UEFA Champions league which commenced in 1992 about 27 years ago.

Tony Britten was born on 9th June 1924 and died last two years( 22nd December, 2019). He was born in Birmingham, public House street . He is the son of Edward Leslie Britten and was blessed with two children and was married to Ruth.

However, Tony Britten has no rights to the song . This is because the song was borrowed heavily from George Frederick Handel's Zadok the priest. That doesn't make him the rightful owner of the song.Nevertheless, he receives royalties from UEFA every time the song is used and played during the occasion .

The song was composed with German, French and English . Many football loversare always excited whenever the competition is in play and the song is being played. See lyrics of song below:

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