Someone Please Check On JubJub Immediately

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After going to MacG's podcast, JubJub trended the whole week for r@ping Amanda Dupont. JubJub then surprisingly released a statement of apology to Amanda Dupont. In the statement he mentioned that he apologizes for exposing their private intimate matters to the public just like that.

There are people who thought he was apologizing for r@ping her, as alleged. He said that matter was being handled by his lawyers, and that the only thing he can apologize about/ for at the moment is how he spoke about their private matter.

Until JubJub is found guilty in a court of law, the claims against him will remain allegations. Amanda is believed to have yet to file a case, and many people are urging her to do so so that the problem can be addressed through the courts of justice.

He didn't say anything else to the public after that. Since then, he's kept a low profile and hasn't made any public appearances. After he got out of prison, JubJub didn't do many interviews, and when he did, he wasn't as expressive or as free as he was on the podcast, where he could talk about anything. Going to that interview appears to have been a mistake. JubJub last posted on his feed back on 06th December 2021. Could someone check if he is okay?

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