Family Demands Justice For Kin

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A family in Nyandarua county is demanding justice for their two relatives who were killed in a road accident at the Nakuru Nairobi highway at Kamandura area.

According to the family, the two brothers, Amos Kanyoi Mwikia and Isaac Ndirangu Mwikia died after their vehicle hit a stone which was at a road under construction and are accusing the contractor of negligence for failure to place the requared signal which would have alerted them of the danger ahead. " Hawa wanajenga barabara, kweli wawe makini sana wanapo fanya kazi, na wawe wakiweka vibandiko kumaanisha, kuonyesha ya kwamba hapo pengine kunaezakuwa na hatari na watu waje kwa mwendo wa polepole" Said one of the relatives to K24 Tv.

The road has so far claimed lives of seven people according to residents and want road signs to be enacted in order to stop the incidents and save the lives of those passing by.

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