4 typical things that damage your phone battery over time

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4 typical things that deplete your phone's battery over time

1. Using foreign Charger

Use the charger that came with your phone to charge it. If it becomes spoiled, you'll need to find an appropriate replacement charger.

2. Waiting until the battery is completely depleted before recharging

If you wait until your phone is entirely discharged before charging it, you are causing damage to the battery. Before a battery starts to deteriorate, it goes through a few of complete charge cycles.

3. Excessive heat

Heat is a battery's worst enemy. Even if you are not using your phone, your battery will drain significantly faster when it is hot. The battery is also harmed by heat because it loses its ability to store a charge. Always keep your phone away from conditions that will cause it to overheat.

4. Using and Charging Your Phone

This is something that many of us do, yet it steadily depletes your battery. When you use it while it's charging, you're putting a strain on the battery because it's consuming energy while also refilling it.

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